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Change your Water,
Change your Life

Hey, welcome!

You may be here because you're wondering.. what is Kangen and how is this different from other waters?

Well, to name a few characteristics.. it is:

- Alkalized

- Anti-Aging

- Immune Boosting

- Packed with Anti-Oxidants

- Hydrogen-Rich

- Eco Friendly

- The Future of Water

watch this

15 minute demonstration video below to see for yourself

what all this means.. 



When I first started learning about this water, I didn't immediately understand what this means and why it's so important, so let's see if I can help break it down in a simple way.

You may have heard of Antioxidants as something that is found abundantly in fruits, or things like Emergen-C for when your immune system is low and you need an extra boost.

That's because antioxidants help to combat free radicals (molecules that rob other cells of electrons, causing damage and contributing to many diseases) throughout our body.

So to help keep ourselves healthy for a long time, we want to supply ourselves with as many Antioxidant rich resources that we can! 

When I went through my nutrition training, I was taught that fruits such as pineapple and blueberries were "the best" sources for antioxidants. While I still advocate for people to consume these, I was blown away when I learned that Kangen Water actually provides MUCH MORE antioxidant value!

2 glasses of Kangen Water is actually the equivalent of eating 5 POUNDS of blueberries.

So I ask you, would you rather eat 5 pounds of blueberries (delicious, yes... but that is a lot of blueberries, even for me) OR you can drink 2 glasses of this water to receive incredible benefits?!

Here's a visual display of oxidation effects, if we don't combat it.

You may recognize this, right? It happens to avocados too. 


The apple is being exposed to the free radicals in our environment, just as we are every day, and it turns brown / wrinkled.

I realized that human skin begins to look similar too.

That is oxidation.

ANTI-oxidants, what this water helps to provide - help combat the effects of aging and also boosts our immune system!


It's a Win-Win!

Want to see how Kangen compares to other beverages?

This is one of the few cases where a Negative, is actually a good thing.

The lower the number, the more anti-oxidant value. (Good)

The higher the number, the more damage it is doing to our body and is contributing towards our aging. (No Good)

Are you seeing this?! 

In summary.. the award goes to:


Kangen Water for being an

ALL STAR for Antioxidants 


Are you not impressed yet?! Here's more!


If you've seen my instagram, you may have seen me post this water with what looks like bubbles (woahhh dude!).


What that actually is - is something called Micro-Clusters meaning, this water has been broken down into smaller molecules (5-6 VS the 15-20 of regular water) so that each sip can actually penetrate our cells to be truly hydrated. (Hallelujah!)

microclustered water

You ever drink water and it feels like it's just sitting in your stomach? You may even feel bloated?


Yeah, that doesn't happen with this water.


By drinking Kangen water, you can hydrate your body more quickly and effectively at a cellular level.

If you're a visual learner (like me) here's a tea experiment that shows the difference in hydration and absorption.. it's pretty mind-blowing!

Micro-clustered water also enhances energy levels and improves your overall aerobic capacity.


Here's another plus - cleansing and detoxification!


Because the water molecules are smaller, they are better able to penetrate cell walls and "wash away" acidic buildup in your body caused by years of metabolizing food (Essentially, carry oxygen in and waste out).


Kangen water is also easily absorbed into the intestines to eliminate toxins from the colon.

If you'd like a picture to see what I mean, send me a message, otherwise I'll spare you the graphic for now. Just know:

Lasting health begins with clean intestines and clean intestines start with

Kangen Water.

For Our Health and the Planet

Where are my fellow Earth Lovers?!


(We should all be raising our hand)


This is an Eco-Friendly dream come true


SURPRISE! This is much more than just drinking water..


Lo and behold my friend! This is one of the best investments for people AND the planet!


Because of the 7 different PH settings - you can actually use this 1 machine, for a multitude of purposes!


Your Kangen machine will help you live chemical AND plastic free, promoting health and sustainability in your everyday life.


Your Kangen machine will become a source of: quality drinking water, skin remedies, replacement for cleaning products, beauty products,

plus so much more.

I use several different PH's of the water everyday for things such as removing oil based pesticides from fruits and vegetables, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent and even my skincare. The Kangen machine has helped me rid all toxic chemicals and cleaners from my home.

I shared some of the other uses and benefits on another page for you to see all the ways your Kangen will help you live a healthy and sustainable life for you and your loved ones.


Explore the 68 uses here and feel free to reach out if you'd like to see / hear personal testimonials.


This is where there seems to be some confusion.. Some people wonder if drinking alkaline water is in fact healthy for us?

Fair enough.

In full transparency, I personally am a believer in the benefits of as many alkaline sources as we can consume.


I've never heard of someone dying from being too alkaline - but there are countless records of people passing from the acidity and disease in their body.


Fact: Most diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

(Scientifically proven and a discovery that won a Nobel Prize)

Even if you're not an alkaline believer, the alkalinity of this machine is merely an optional bonus. YOU set the PH you'd like to consume. You can drink the 7.0, 8.5, 9.0 or 9.5PH. Remember you will still be receiving the benefits of the micro-clustering, antioxidants, and multiple uses of your machine.

You will never be subjected to only consuming the 9.5 if that's not what feels best for you.

Before I wrap this up though, I feel I need to talk about what PH means, because there is so much misinformation out there.

PH stands for = Potential of Hydrogen which means the amount of hydrogen atoms within a substance. So the higher the PH level, the more hydrogen.


Why would that be a bad thing when Hydrogen is in fact essential to fuel and heal us....? 

Increasing alkalinity means decreasing oxidation, which we already learned is very beneficial for us! 

So I encourage you to ask yourself: Who profits from me not believing in the benefits of alkalinity?

I'll let you be the judge.



Top Athletes Drink THIS Water

The company that created Kangen Water has NEVER sponsored an athlete or celebrity to drink this water. Yet it is a popular choice among the community.

If you are an athlete, health enthusiast or professional, you should absolutely learn more about this water to see how it can serve you and your clients

Below is a short video from Sports Nutritionist Shan Stratton who advocates strongly for Kangen Water because of it's many benefits. 

Kangen Water & Mental Health

Do you know that our brain is full of electrical circuits? 

That's what sends signals from the brain to the body and vice versa.



Why is this important though? Well, Kangen Water is Electrically Reduced Water (ERW) meaning it is the perfect compliment for our brains!

Here's a video by renowned brain expert, Dr. Corinne Allen who explains why Kangen Water is so beneficial for our body and our brain! 

Thank you for taking time to learn more about this water! 


The truth is, I could have pages and pages of information for you about the benefits of Kangen. Medical studies, personal testimonials, etc. but I also want to make this easily digestible.


If you have ANY questions about this water, would like to take a deeper dive into the research, or are wondering how it can serve you and your loved ones.. I would love to connect! 

There's never any pressure to buy.


It's always genuine conversation as my ultimate goal is to see how I may best serve you.

Wishing you love, happiness, and health! 

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