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Essential Oils



As a Plant Based Coach and Educator, I utilize a variety of plant medicines. Aside from nutrition, one that I use most on a daily basis is - Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

The essential oils I work with are a potent and concentrated form of plant medicine that can be used for healing aromatically, topically, and even internally for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Essential Oils serve as a 100% natural, toxic-free option for yourself, your family and friends, along with your home, work space, and beyond!

There's a lot to learn about Essential Oils and their benefits.


Unfortunately, not all brands are created equally, which is why I advocate exclusively for DoTerra.

To help you understand how essential oils can best serve you, I host FREE classes to educate people about the best ways to use them: where, how, when, and so much more! You're likely to be amazed by what you learn!

Read below to learn of some of the benefits that these essential oils provide.

It's Time to Take
Control of Your Health


Maybe you've experienced first-hand how the mainstream approach to health merely tries to put a bandaid on our symptoms, yet rarely gets to the root of the problem.

The fact is, we've become disconnected from the ways that we've been designed to heal and overall live optimally. Many people are suffering from some form of dis-ease: aches, irritation, digestion, skin problems, anxious feelings, fatigue... you name it.

But what if I told you that your body is capable of true healing?

Through a comprehensive approach to your health, grounded in natural solutions, you can start the process of bringing matters back into your own hands and home!

By returning to ways of our origins with nature, I help to ensure you are empowered to successfully implement and overcome your health challenges.


Ask me which kit would be right for you.

Exclusive Free Bonuses

*When You Purchase Through Me*

I want to make sure that you feel fully supported and confident on your healing journey, so I've put together a special bonus package for you that includes educational materials, direct access to my team as well as exclusive savings.

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