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Epigenetics is the study of how environmental factors (such as diet, stress, lifestyle choices and behaviors) can change the health not only of the people who are exposed to them, but also the health of their descendants. 

What is Epigenetics?

I've partnered with Cell Wellbeing to offer Epigenetic Testing.


Why waste anymore time reading countless articles about which health practices are working best for other people..? 


In just 15 minutes, you can learn about the specific health factors that will optimize YOUR personal health for present and future.


This eye-opening development can take you down a different path where your genetic inheritance no longer controls you and instead, you become empowered and in control of your own wellness destiny! 


Your Report will include 9 Wellness Categories:


800 Individual Epigenetic Influences


A list of food additives to avoid


90 Day Wellness Plan including:


Food Restrictions

Lifestyle Factors


And much more…


Personal epigenetic indicators can be highlighted for any individual with only four strands of hair, using the Cell Wellbeing S-Drive system that returns a comprehensive ‘Optimized Nutritional Food Plan’.


The S-Drive hardware is the first system to be able to gather and digitize fresh hair signature waves.


The digitized ‘Signature’ waves are then decoded and a 28 page - personal Optimize Nutritional Plan is emailed to you shortly after. 


The Plan provides a wide range of indicators such as Amino Acids Indicators, Essential Fatty Acids Indicators, Antioxidants Indicators, Interference factors, Dietary Environment Indicators, Resistance Indicators, and Mineral Indicators.



You Choose

To add to the personalization, we offer the following test types so you can focus on whichever area suits you and your lifestyle best.

Epigenetic Testing can be provided through events and group settings. 


A presentation is made describing what Epigenetics is, the benefits of receiving your report, and an explanation of the results. 


These workshops flow greatly at Yoga studios, Gyms, Community Gatherings, etc.


Contact me for more information!

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