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Awaken Your Senses

Body, Mind, & Lifestyle Transformational Program

“Let food be thy medicine.” - Hippocrates

Are you interested in living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle?


Do you feel...

  • That you're wanting to be healthier, but you aren’t sure how?

  • Lack in energy, trouble focusing, and out of balance?

  • That you just can’t resist urges for sweets?

  • Worried about your health / the health of loved ones?

  • Overwhelmed by the cost of health care?

  • The negative effects of diabetes, heart disease, or other ailments?

  • That you are someone who has been told by your doctor to improve / change your diet?

  • Or that you are someone who cares deeply for animals and the planet?


Then, you’ve come to the right place!


I specialize in helping people "Release Weight" from their body, mind, and lifestyle while enjoying nature's delicious and nutritious candy.


This unique Nutritional program helps you prevent (and in some cases even reverse) illness to excel in wellness.


Imagine an experience that transforms you from exhausted and overwhelmed - into your best, energetic, vibrant, and most loving self!


Since discovering the power of healing through holistic methods, helping to inspire and lead others towards similar transformation has become my passion. Together, we can heal physically and emotionally.



















In our time together, I will help you feel great about the changes you’re making, while having fun in the process! 


Since weight comes in many forms, I will also provide you with tools to help eliminate drama, stress, and waste from your personal life so that you may feel light in mind, body, and soul and you won't be alone. Every 3 months, a group of committed souls come together to embark upon this journey in harmony, with everyone celebrating and supporting each other along the way!


The work we do together will energize you, excite you, and be meaningful.


During your program, you will increase your confidence, vitality and expand your knowledge about your body, how to heal naturally, and what it means to truly be healthy. We will also work to "release weight" in emotional baggage of what may be holding you down or back in life. We practice letting go of unnecessary aspects of our lives that no longer serve us. This is important because when we clear our emotional space, we open the space for more abundance and love in our lives!


Who doesn't want that?! 

The changes you make will increase your energy, so you can do more of what you love, have more to give, and be more productive.


You're likely to feel like a whole new you!


Through this specialized program, you will benefit from my knowledge, experience and my healing journey. I will help you move from exhausted to energized, from stressed to at peace, from not knowing how to eat right, to feeling confident with every bite! You will take actions that not only change your habits and diet, but that also create permanent lifestyle shifts that shape who you are and who you want to be.


With your commitment, this life-changing nutrition program can help transform you into your healthiest self!


So what are you waiting for?! My next Transformational Group launches this month!

Email me to schedule a FREE consultation call. 


When I was told that I would have to have surgery on my foot, I panicked. I was already experiencing some health concerns so I knew I would have to do something to stay out of a downward spiral. I came across Gabriela's program and what I thought would be a means to helping me recover during the process of my foot surgery, has become a means of me healing my life at large. She provided me tools that I can apply to every day life.. for life. I always tell her that I can't thank her enough. 


It all started one night when my husband and I were hosting friends. Ribs were on the grill and let's just say I went a bit overboard with eating. The way the food made me feel hit me hard and in that moment I realized that I had to change some habits. I could no longer keep up with heavy meals late at night as my husband and sons were used to.

Once I started Gabby's nutritional program, I began meal prepping healthy meals that made me feel immensely better. I had more energy throughout the day, I was saving money from not eating out as often, and she taught me about the quality ingredients that helped me to lose 20 pounds without even incorporating exercise. I still continue the practices from her program to this day and am so glad that I took these steps in my life! 


I knew I wanted to fully commit to my health this year so when I heard of the great benefits that a friend received through the Awaken Your Senses program, I thought to give it a try. From the start, I was blown away! Gabriela really opened my mind to so much useful information and practical steps towards a healthier lifestyle in regards to food, self - care, and a more sustainable way of living. She is also just an absolute inspiration. I felt that she truly cares about us as people rather than just as clients which meant a lot to me. 

This was one of the greatest investments that I could have ever gifted myself and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. 


I always joked about being one of the few men of the group, but really I am proud. I'm an Italian from New York and I never would have envisioned myself thriving on a plant based diet. My thought process on food has completely changed, and for the better I must say. The shifts and transformations required patience, but it was well worth it. I learned a lot about the right snacks and foods to fuel my body best and they are even foods that are easily accessible to me during travel (which I do a lot of for business). My agility has increased and I don't feel weighed down the way that I used to after eating. It feels great to eat and live guilt free. Thanks again Gabby. 


Personally, I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle. That is until I contracted gallbladder stones.  My doctor mentioned improving my diet so I looked into options. I came across a webinar by Gabriela and felt really comforted by her essence and genuine spirit. When I started, I stopped joining my coworkers to lunch and began bringing my own. It took a lot of strength to resist restaurant food, but in time it inspired others to do the same! My health scare ending up being a blessing in disguise as it led me towards this positive lifestyle change. Oh yeah, and it even helped to "trim some fat" from other areas of my life than just my body which has been a great bonus.


Your life changing story is just a call away.

Let's connect so we can discuss how I can best serve you! 


With love,


Why Plant Based?

There tends to be a stigma that plant based diets are restrictive, lacking in flavor, and only about eating salad. You'll be happy to learn that this could not be further from the truth!


A whole foods plant based diet is about abundance, color, and a lot of flavor!


It is a mindful path to wellness. When people stop eating hyper-processed and animal based foods, their health and lives are quickly transformed.


I help you to begin this journey with ease and grace.


You will learn how you can still receive all of your recommended nutrition (and sometimes even more) through

whole foods and plants. You will be provided the tools needed to achieve vibrant health as we focus on maximizing the nourishment of your body so that your cells have the raw materials they need to do the jobs they are programmed to do.. Including healing


If you commit fully to the lifestyle, you are guarenteed to see positive changes in your life.


One of the greatest values of this program is that the lessons you learn through our time together will have the potential to create positive ripple effects in ALL areas of your life, if you allow them. From your career to your relationships, you will see just how powerful this lifestyle can be.

Free your mind, body, and soul with me!
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