Gabriela Perez is a Certified Plant Based Coach and Educator as well as a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher with an Associates Degree in Business.


Her Holistic Healing journey began when she worked at a hospital in the Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit and Heart Transplant Program, which gave her a unique perspective in the gift of life. It made her realize she needed healing through a rebirth of her own. She set out on a journey and has been dedicated to it for the past 5 years - learning all about the different ways that we can heal holistcally.


With her passions deeply rooted in the natural health and nutritional fields, she enjoys coaching those who are ready to experience transformation in their lives. 


Gabriela believes that by living a healthy lifestyle, practicing self-love and accepting guidance we can all achieve multi-dimensional good health of the body, mind, and soul.


Her life experiences have propelled her to heal on various levels which has flowed positively into the lives of family and friends.


She looks forward to helping others align their inner and outer selves to create the healthy and abundant life that they deserve. 



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