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Here to help guide you towards a next level of you.
To hold the highest vision of you and remind you of your power.
Here to help remind you how to expand your field. 
Here to help remind you of your worth.
Here to help remind you of your wealth.

This isn’t solely about attracting more money into your life.
This is an opportunity for
deep reflection.
And an enhanced connection to yourself and the energy of money.

This is a wonderful tool for ANYONE regardless of what stage in the financial journey they may be. 

There's always a new level of Money Magnetism to be unlocked!

All attendees will receive a value packed
Digital Workbook with journal prompts, money mindset tips, mantras, business tips and
so much more!


When: Saturday, November 27th at 11:11AM EST

Where: Online via Zoom

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10% of profits are being donated!
Investing in yourself is also supporting a beautiful cause.  

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